DECEMBER 20, 2023

#38: My 50th Birthday Episode: Big Pivots, Lessons & Celebrations

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It’s been a BIG year for me personally and professionally, so today – my 50th birthday – I’m getting personal and sharing the big shifts and happenings from the year.

I’ll be honest. It’s been a year of great joy, fulfillment, deep personal growth AND loss and major life changes. 

In this episode, My 50th Birthday Episode: Big Pivots, Lessons & Celebrations, I’m sharing it all.

You’ll hear about…

  • The big life decision I made and how I’ve navigated it
  • The mentors I chose to work with this year (and why)
  • How I navigated a business set-back 
  • Why I changed all of my offerings this year 
  • My relationship with fear and worry
  • The new way that I’m making decisions 

Tune in and then send me a DM and let me know what your big ahas or growth areas were this year.

Links/Resources mentioned on the show:

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