NOVEMBER 20, 2023

#37: Why It’s a Mistake to Create a Group Health Coaching Program from Scratch

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As I’ve been sharing, offering a short group program like our Done-for-You 14-Day Intuitive Eating Program can help you quickly enroll clients in your health coaching business.

A short group program is what I call “an easy yes” offer.

I call it this because it’s low cost and low time commitment, which makes it easy for your clients to say YES.  

AND… once potential clients get a taste of working with, many will realize they want to continue on in your higher-priced private coaching program.

That means less hustling to fill your practice.

In other words, a short group program is a very SMART thing to offer if you’re looking to grow your health coaching practice – no matter if you’re a new health coach or more experienced. 

But creating a group program from scratch isn’t always the best route to take.

That’s why in this episode, I’m sharing Why It’s a Mistake to Create a Group Health Coaching Program from Scratch.

In this episode you’ll learn why using done-for-you programs can save you thousands of $$ and months of time. 

Tune in here and learn the easy button that allows you to jumpstart your health coaching practice, even if you’re brand new or don’t have a lot of time!

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