NOVEMBER 13, 2023

#35: The programs your clients will happily pay for

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Here’s a fact. 

Your potential clients are looking for solutions to whatever they’re struggling with. 

Whether it’s energy, emotional eating, sugar cravings, digestive issues, mood, hormones, an autoimmune condition or any other health challenge.

Your clients need you more than ever. 

But you might be wondering, what programs will clients say ‘YES’ to? 

The good news is that all you need is 3 core programs.

This will give your audience options for working with you…without giving them so many choices that they feel overwhelmed (and can’t decide which is the best fit).

There are 3 specific types of programs that clients love.

When you offer these programs, you’ll consistently enroll clients with ease – and make a good living without burning out.

I share what these programs are, in this podcast episode, The Programs Your Health Coaching Clients Will Happily Pay For.

Tune in and learn how to simplify your business with enticing programs. And, discover how to lead your clients from one program to another – so you get repeat clients.

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