NOVEMBER 06, 2023

#34: Everything You Need to Know About Intuitive Eating (What is IS and What it is NOT)

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When I first heard about Intuitive Eating I thought it was just another mindful eating program with a lot of fluff and not much substance. 

I didn’t realize that it’s an incredibly in-depth and science-backed methodology.

I also felt attached to the protocols and food rules I was taught in health coaching school. They gave me a sense of safety. 

And I worried that with Intuitive Eating, I would be out of control with food (as would clients). 

It took time for me to embrace this approach because I had to unlearn so much of what I’d been taught from society and the wellness industry about food, health, and eating.

Like me, you probably have questions about Intuitive Eating. 

In this episode, Everything You Need to Know About Intuitive Eating (What is IS and What it is NOT), I’m joined by our Intuitive Eating Success Coach, Kate Williams Stone. 

We’re answering common questions health coaches have about Intuitive Eating.  And we’re dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions about this approach. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What your clients will love about Intuitive Eating 
  • What to do if your clients still want to lose weight
  • The nutritional guidance that’s part of Intuitive Eating
  • The difference between Intuitive Eating and mindful eating
  • The science-backed benefits of Intuitive Eating

Tune in, and learn more about this powerful approach that will help your clients redesign their relationship with food and their bodies. 

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About Kate Williams Stone

Kate Williams Stone (she/her) is a certified non-diet health and life coach, with additional Intuitive Eating training with Evelyn Tribole (the co-creator of Intuitive Eating). She is also a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University from the prestigious Drama program.

Kate is the Intuitive Eating Success Coach for our Done-for-You Intuitive Eating Program, which we co-created.

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