OCTOBER 30, 2023

#33: What to do With Clients Who Are Experiencing Stress, Fatigue, or Low Mood

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I sent out a survey to my list asking what main areas you help clients with.

Here were the top themes that showed up…

  • 54% work with clients on improved energy
  • 58% work with clients on reducing stress/boosting mood
  • 71% work with clients on creating a healthy relationship with food (including ending dieting, emotional eating, and intuitive eating)

I love that these are areas of focus for so many health coaches, because these are niches where you can have an incredible impact on your clients’ lives.

My mission is to help you attract more clients and help you serve your clients in a powerful, easeful way

Lately I’ve been sharing a lot about Intuitive Eating, and how it is the path to help your clients (regardless of your niche).

By now, you probably understand how Intuitive Eating helps your clients with their relationship with food and their body.

But you might be wondering…

Can I use Intuitive Eating to help my clients with energy, stress, and mood?

My answer is a resounding YES.

In this episode What to do With Clients Who Are Experiencing Stress, Fatigue, or Low Mood, you’ll learn why using an Intuitive Eating approach is one of the biggest antidotes to these struggles. 

Tune in and learn how to use this effective, practical approach to support your clients in a deeply impactful way. 

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