OCTOBER 23, 2023

#32: The missing protocol your health coaching clients need

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Want to know how to have the biggest impact on your health coaching clients’ lives?

Helping them improve their relationship with food and their body.

I believe this is the starting point for any effective health coaching program you offer – regardless of your niche. 

And guess what…it’s one of the easiest ways to become an in-demand health coach.

FACT: 79% of people struggle with their relationship with food and their bodies.

You are in the perfect position to help clients with this.

Want to know how?

Guide them through an Intuitive Eating process that helps them:

  • Finally stop from dieting which does more harm than good
  • Honor their emotional health as much as their physical health
  • Recognize and truly take care of bodies’ needs
  • Be kind to themselves
  • Realize their worth is not tied to their body size
  • Stop feeling like they need to shrink or be fixed

If you haven’t heard of Intuitive Eating, it is an effective, research-based methodology for your clients to finally make peace with their food and their body.

In this podcast episode The Missing Protocol Your Clients Need, I’m joined by our Intuitive Eating Success Coach, Kate Williams Stone.  We walk you through what Intuitive Eating is and how to support your clients with this approach.

Tune in and discover the process by which you can help your clients redesign their relationship with food and their bodies.

Here’s to having a positive, lasting impact on your clients’ lives!

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About Kate Williams Stone
Kate Williams Stone (she/her) is a certified non-diet health and life coach, with additional Intuitive Eating training with Evelyn Tribole (the co-creator of Intuitive Eating). She is also a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University from the prestigious Drama program.

Kate is the Intuitive Eating Success Coach for our Done-for-You Intuitive Eating Program, which we co-created. 

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