OCTOBER 16, 2023

#31: Creating Inclusivity in Your Health Coaching Practice

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I’ve been thinking a lot about inclusion recently. 

Specifically, how (as an industry) we can be more inclusive – so that all people (regardless of their background, identity, and life experience) have coaches and practitioners who welcome them into their practices.  

As humans, we all deserve care as we work through our health and wellness struggles (and support in reaching our goals). 

That’s why I was thrilled and honored to explore this topic with my dear friend and colleague, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and educator, Andrea Nakayama. 

Andrea joined me for this podcast episode Creating Inclusivity in Your Health Coaching Practice.

In the episode, you’ll learn:

  • One way to think about inclusivity in your health coaching practice
  • 3 questions to ask yourself to determine who you currently want invite in as clients
  • How to provide a therapeutic partnership that’s inclusive, providing empathetic care
  • How to approach the discomfort you may feel, with gentleness, if you choose to work with clients who are different from you

While Andrea is not a diversity and inclusion expert, she brings such thoughtfulness and depth to this topic. And she shares her personal experience of doing her work through a more culturally competent lens. 

Tune in and consider what inclusivity means to you and your work. 

About Andrea Nakayama
Andrea is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and educator, who has led thousands of clients, and now teaches even more coaches and clinicians around the world in a revolution reclaiming ownership of both their own and their clients’ health.  As the host of the 15-Minute Matrix Podcast and the founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance, Andrea draws on systems biology, mental models, root cause methodology and the therapeutic partnership to offer long-awaited solutions for the rapidly growing chronic illness epidemic.

After losing her young husband to a brain tumor in 2002, Andrea discovered a passion for using food as personalized medicine and is now regularly consulted as the nutrition expert for the toughest clinical cases in the practices of many world-renowned doctors. She trains approximately three thousand practitioners each year in her methodologies so that they too can become the last stop for their clients and patients as well as a trusted referral partner for doctors in their area.

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