SEPTEMBER 25, 2023

#28: My #1 Tip to Get Clients Through Partners

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When I was a new health coach, back in 2005, the question I repeatedly asked myself was “how can I get in front of my ideal clients?”

Early on, I found that forming relationships with other business owners (aka partners) worked really well.

At the time I lived in Boston and one of the first people I approached (and ended up partnering with) with was the owner of an outdoor bootcamp company that offered workouts all around the city.

They made a great partner because they offered something complimentary to me and it was a supportive relationship.  

It was a win for them because I was able to add value on the food side, and it was a huge win for me because I got exposure to their audience.

Partnering is one of the quickest ways to get in front of large groups of your ideal clients, grow your list, and get clients. 

But if you’re like I was in the early days, it can feel intimidating to approach a potential partner. But there’s actually an easy way to have amazing partners saying ‘yes’ to promote you to their audience (even if you’re a newbie).

I share this strategy in this podcast episode, My #1 Tip to Get Clients Through Partners Right Now

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The shortcut strategy to getting potential partners saying “yes” to introducing you to their audience
  • The 5 step process to implement this strategy from the planning to implementation
  • What to do when you start doubting the value you can bring to the partner
  • The one key question to ask potential partners before moving forward

Tune in and learn this beautiful, fun and simple way to get in front of people who will benefit from all that you have to share.


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