MAY 4, 2023

#13: The Most Popular Wellness Talk Topics (That Draw in a Crowd)

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You’ve heard that giving talks is the #1 way to get clients. 

So just imagine for a moment… you’ve lined up a talk, which you’ve spent a month working on.

You’ve got beautiful slides with amazing content… And when you show up for your talk (whether it’s online or in-person) only 2 people show up.  

This is a very common experience for coaches.

Why? Because, sadly, coaches often choose talk topics that don’t get people excited to show up live. 

You can have the most amazing talk planned, but if people don’t show up, you’ll always struggle to get clients through giving talks. 

And what’s worse, is you’ll be left feeling depleted and sad, knowing that you put all this time and effort in… with little return. 

The good news is, I’ve done some research and there are topics that consistently do very well. 

Click here to tune in and learn the topics that are so enticing that your ideal clients are motivated and excited to show up!

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