January 31, 2023

#1: Your First 3 Steps To Start (or Restart) Your Health Coaching Biz

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You went to health coaching school, you invested time and money, and you have a desire to do this work. Like so many coaches, you might not be sure how to get your business off the ground.

In this episode I share simple ways for you to build confidence and start getting clients. I think you’ll find the plan I share is delightfully simple – while being very effective at helping you launch (or re-launch) your business.

Listen in and discover:

  • How to gain confidence at leading initial consults with potential clients
  • How to fill your calendar with initial consults
  • The simplest (free and low-tech) way to spread the word about your services

Links/Resources mentioned on the show:

“5 Clients in 30 Days” Step-by-Step Action Plan

The Exact Script for Leading Initial Consults

Acuity online scheduling tool

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