A plan for your week, month and year

Last week, we talked about how taking on too much can not only cause burn out, but can also sabotage your business.

I’ve certainly had times when I‘ve committed to too many projects and can’t put 100% into everything I’m working on.

While working long hours is sometimes necessary when building a business, when you are working, you want to be as efficient as possible. And, you want to be working on the things that are most important in helping your business grow.

One of the things that I’ve found to be helpful is to map out a plan for week, month, and the year, so I know what I want to focus on. This keeps me clear on my priorities, so I actually accomplish the things that are most important in helping me reach my goals.

And because I always have new ideas of things I want to create or do, this also keeps me honest about whether I can take on new projects at any given time.

For example, if I am in the middle of launching a program and I get excited about a new idea to help grow my list, I simply slot the project in after the launch, when I can fully focus on it.

This way, I’m not saying “no,” I’m just scheduling it for a later date.

Creating your plan for the year

While you may not know your exact plans for the whole year, it is helpful to lay out a tentative plan.  As you think about the year ahead, consider what programs you want to launch and what other larger projects you want to accomplish.

When you lay out your plan, give each month a focus. This doesn’t mean that this will be the only thing you’ll work on that month, but it will be the main priority.

Here’s an example of how you might organize your year:

Preparing to market/lead a Spring Cleanse/Detox

Marketing/leading Spring Cleanse/Detox

Creating a free gift

Preparing to market/lead a Summer Cleanse/Detox

Marketing/leading Summer Cleanse/Detox

Revamping your website

Preparing to market/lead a Fall Cleanse/Detox

Marketing/leading a Fall Cleanse/Detox

Working on systems to help you be more efficient and effective

Preparing to market/lead a Winter Cleanse/Detox

Marketing/leading a Winter Cleanse/Detox

Larger list building project

Creating your plan for the week

I find that it’s much too easy, at the start of each day, to get distracted by emails in my inbox, social media, and my personal to-do list.  What I find helpful is to be clear about what my main priority is for each day. And because I am most productive in the morning, it works best for me work on the main priority at the start of each day.

To create a plan for your week, make a list of the most important tasks you want to accomplish each week.  I find that these tasks typically break down into three main areas: marketing, seeing clients, and creating content.

By block scheduling your time into each of these areas, you’ll be more focused and efficient.

Your focus for the month will determine what you work on during your marketing and content creation days.

Here’s an example of how you might organize your week:


Content creation day:
Write upcoming talk, program content, free gift content, or website content 
Client day
Marketing day:
Find speaking gigs, connect with potential partners, follow-up with prospective clients, and/or write promotional emails
Client day
Content creation day:
write blog post for the coming week
and write social media posts for the week

Creating your plan for the month

For some people, it works better to have a focus for each week of the month. In this case, instead of seeing clients every Tuesday and Thursday, you would only see clients during two weeks of the month.  You can then focus on marketing and content creation the other weeks of the month.

Here’s an example of how you might organize your month:

Week 1
Client week

Week 2
Marketing week

Week 3
Client week

Week 4
Content creation week

As you consider how you want to organize your week, month, and year, think about what you’d like to accomplish this spring.

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