Should You Offer A Group Program?

Offer a Group Program

Whenever the topic of running group programs come up in my Health Coach Collective Facebook group, I see the same few questions:

  • Should I offer a group program?
  • Am I ready yet?
  • Is it worth it?

My answer to all three: YES!

If you’ve never launched a group program before, I know it can seem intimidating. But isn’t that always the case when you’re trying something new?

I’ve worked with many coaches who were hesitant to dive into group coaching…and ended up feeling like it was the best decision they could have made for their business. It brought them clients, revenue, increased confidence in their abilities as a coach, and helped them get the word out about their business!

If you’ve been in the coaching industry for a little while, you’ve probably come across a lot of information about leading group programs. I know it can be downright confusing to figure out if offering a group program is the right choice for you.

In this post, I’ll address the common questions I get about offering a group program so you can decide if you’re ready to dive in!

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Should I offer a group program?

Honestly, I could talk about the benefits of offering group programs all day! But I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep it to the top 3 reasons I believe that offering a group program is a great decision.

1. Group programs are a great way to “get people in the door” and bring in money quickly. Short group programs like cleanses, detoxes and jumpstarts are typically priced much lower than one-on-one work, so it’s an easier commitment for most people.

When you’re a newer coach, it can be difficult to attract clients at a higher price point. Starting with a lower-cost program is a great way to build your client list, and your bottom line, in the beginning.

2. It’s actually easier than working with clients individually. Offering a group program might seem overwhelming, but it’s usually easier and less time-intensive than one-on-one work.

With a done-for-you group program, your participants will be following the same program. This means you don’t have to create programs tailored to each individual client. You can serve more people at once, without a lot of the customization and individual appointments that one-on-one coaching usually requires.

3. It’s one of the best ways to get experience as a health coach. When you offer a group program, you’ll gain experience more quickly because you’ll be working with multiple clients at once. And when you lead them through a powerful program, like our Ready-to Launch Cleanse Program, you’ll witness your participants have amazing results in a short period of time.

As with any profession, experience boosts credibility. One of our client’s said, “all the clients who participated in my Jumpstart program had awesome results and those results reflect back on me and have boosted my business and credibility.”

And, every participant in your group program creates an opportunity for a testimonial and a referral to a friend.

Am I ready to offer a group program?

No matter what stage you’re at in your health coaching business – whether you’ve been at this for years or you’re just finishing up nutrition school – you ARE ready to offer a group program.

You may not FEEL ready, but you are.

You might think that if you haven’t worked with a lot of clients, you won’t have the experience to lead a group program. And while it may be difficult to create a program from scratch if you haven’t worked with one-on-one clients yet, a done-for-you program solves that issue.

When you use a done-for-you program, you’re able to draw on the experience of other wellness professionals (not to mention the graphic designers, recipe testers, and copywriters that also contribute to the program to make it perfectly polished) to give your new clients the best possible experience and results.The beauty of a done-for-you program is that it walks you through everything, while leaving you the option to customize the materials..

Offering a short group program is one of the best ways to get your feet wet and “do the work” of health coaching with a set program.

So even if you don’t think you’re ready, you are. :)

Is it worth it to offer a group program?

In my opinion, offering a short group program is one of the fastest ways to boost your income and your business.

I call short groups program your “easy yes offer” because, well, it’s easier to get a “yes!” from potential clients.

A shorter time commitment, a lower price point, and quick results all make it a very attractive option for clients wanting to start working with a wellness professional but who may not be ready to jump into one-on-one coaching.

As I show my clients, after your group program ends, you can offer your higher-priced, one-on-one coaching programs to participants who want more support.

It’s much easier to enroll a client who already has experience working with you than it is to enroll a cold lead or stranger. This presents yet another option to boost your income and build up your experience.

And the best part? You can launch and re-launch your group program multiple times a year when you want to get more clients in the door and give your income a boost.


Are you convinced yet that group programs should be part of your offering?

Our Ready-to-Launch Cleanse Program gives you everything you need to promote and lead a powerful program. Click here to check it out.


Now I’d love to hear from you!
If you haven’t yet offered a group program, what’s holding you back? If you’ve offered a group program, what advice would you give to first-timers?

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