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Wish you could generate a consistent stream of new clients each month?

Getting clients when you’re getting started can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. 

As a former health coach and now a marketing consultant to health coaches, I want to help you stop wasting time on strategies that don’t work.  

Click below to learn the 5 proven strategies that can fill your health coaching business . . . even if you’re just starting out. 

In this free guide, you will learn:  

1. The top 5 tried and tested tools that work best to fill your practice with 4-5 new clients per month 
2. The most important first step every new health coach should take in their marketing efforts 
3. How to know if you’re heading down the right path (and what to do about it if you’re not) 

Amy Lippmann
Marketing Strategist & Founder
Marketing for Health Coaches