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How To Make The Leap From Having A ‘day Job’ To Being A Full Time Health Coach

How To Make The Leap From Day Job To Full-Time Health Coaching | Marketing For Health Coaches

If you’re at the beginning of your career as a health coach, and you’re currently working another job, you probably find yourself sitting at work, daydreaming about when you’ll be able to put your whole self into your health coaching business. Whether you’re a new coach or you’ve been doing this for a while, the desire to quit your job and work on your business full-time is probably very strong – but it can also be overwhelming and a bit scary! In this post, I discuss how you can make the leap to coaching full time.
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How & When To Raise Your Rates

When to Raise Your Rate | Marketing for Health Coaches

Undercharging impacts how potential clients perceive the value of your services. They may think your programs are sub-par and wonder if they can really benefit from them. (It’s true. I promise.) And, you’ll continue to struggle to meet your revenue goals and have trouble making health coaching a feasible source of income. In the post I delve into the important topic of how and when to increase your prices.
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How To Offer A VIP Day To Boost Income Fast

Do you ever see social media posts from coaches claiming that they earned multiple 5-figure incomes in just a month, a week, or even a SINGLE DAY? You have to admit – earning that much money, that quickly,would be nice. But how do you do that? In this post, I discuss how you can boost your income in a single month by creating a premium VIP Day offering.
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How 6 Successful Wellness Entrepreneurs Achieved Their
First-year Goals

As the year draws to a close, you’re likely thinking about new goals and achieving new milestones in your life and business. You may be looking back at the goals you might not have achieved this year and wonder why you fell short. In this post, I asked some of my colleagues and friends about their path to success their first year as a health coach or nutritionist. I found their stories inspiring and full of practical wisdom. I’m sure you will too.
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Simple Steps To Make 2017 Your
Best Year Yet

The new year is full of opportunities to grow your business and serve more people, but it can also be a bit overwhelming! Where should you begin? Reaching big goals starts with setting the right goals and making a clear plan to achieve them. In this post, I share my year-end process so that you can make 2017 the best year yet!
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How To Package Your Coaching Programs To Gain More Clients

How to Package Coaching Programs | Marketing for Health Coaches

Packaging your programs and finding clients can be pretty confusing. How many choices should you give potential clients? How long should your programs be? I struggled with these decisions when I was first starting out, and I know there are many other coaches that feel the same way. This week, I’ve asked my friend and colleague, Kathleen LeGrys, to share her best tips on how to package your coaching programs in a way that gets you more clients.
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How To Take Time Off Over The Holidays

How to Take Time Off Over the Holidays

When you’re the only person running the show, you might worry that things will fall apart if you step away. With a little prep work right now, you can take time off to relax and come back to a business that’s still humming – and feel rejuvenated and full of creative juices that will serve you and your business well!
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Didn’t Meet Your 2016 Goals?
7 Strategies To Bring In Quick Revenue

7 Strategies To Bring In Quick Revenue For Coaches | Marketing For Health Coaches

If you didn’t quite reach your goals for the year, don’t sweat it. There are still a few weeks left – so if you want to inch a little closer to those goals you set, or just bring in some extra income before the new year, there are several ways to do this. In this post I share 7 strategies to bring in quick revenue.
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How To Create A Client Wrap Up Process

Wrap Up Process | Marketing for Health Coaches

Last week, we talked about having a clear new client process, but what about when your time with that client is coming to a close? In this post, I discuss the 3 key reasons to have a wrap-up process, what to include, and how to easily implement it in your business.
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What To Do After A Client Says “Yes”

4 Step Process for New Clients | Marketing for Health Coaches

Once you’ve put in the amazing work of getting a new client, you give yourself a high five (as you should!) and may think the hard work of making the sale is over. It’s a done deal, right? This isn’t …
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