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Clients Will Say “YES” to These Programs

Here’s a fact. Your potential clients are looking for solutions to whatever they’re struggling with. Whether it’s energy, emotional eating, sugar cravings, digestive issues, mental health, hormones, an autoimmune condition or any other health challenge. And with all that’s going …
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3 Steps You Can Take Over the Next 2 Weeks to Get New Clients

You know that getting new clients consistently is at the heart of having a thriving wellness business right? But many coaches get caught up in trying marketing strategies that take up way too much time, money and effort to generate …
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2020 Marketing for Health Coaches Updates

Please note that the Abundant Health Coach Facebook Page name is being updated this week to better reflect the actual name of our business, Marketing for Health Coaches. The new name of the page will be Marketing for Health Coaches with Amy Lippmann.
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The 7 Best Ways to Market Your Health Coaching Business Online

Want to know the best ways to market your health coaching business online? Check out this video to learn my favorite strategies.
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How To Be Booked Out As A Health Coach

booked out

Does the prospect of being booked solid – and maybe even having a waiting list of clients wanting to work with you – seem like pretty big leap from where you’re at right now? I’m here to tell you – this can be your reality! While there are lots of pieces that go into a successful health coaching practice, there are 3 major things you can do to be booked out.
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What Are Your Big Business Goals For 2020?

2020 Goals for Health Coaching

Want 2019 to be a great one for you and your business? Let’s start mapping out a plan to make it happen!
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How To Take Advantage Of New Year’s Resolutions In Your Health Coaching Practice

new years resolutions

January is the time of year when people make a commitment to healthier habits. This is, of course, great news for you! January is the perfect time of year to attract new clients because people are so motivated to make changes. In this post, I’m sharing a plan for launching a New Year’s Resolution health coaching program, so you can start 2019 off with momentum.
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The Secrets to Pitching Your Coaching Services with Confidence

mindset shifts

Do you feel uncomfortable when it comes to inviting people to work with you? In this video, I’m sharing 3 mindset shifts you can make that will help you feel more confident, more at ease, and more EXCITED to invite people into your programs. I also share 2 pro tips so you can nail your consultations.
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How to Lead Free Initial Consultations That Get You Paying Clients

free initial consultation

Offering a free initial consultation is a great way to turn a potential client into a paying customer. In this post, I’m sharing a proven structure for your initial consultation so that you can lead these sessions with confidence, and enroll more clients.
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Should You Offer a Short Group Program?

short group program

If you’ve never launched a group program before, I know it can seem intimidating. But isn’t that always the case when you’re trying something new?
In this post, I’ll address the common questions I get about offering a group program so you can decide if you’re ready to dive in!
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