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Should You Offer a Short Group Program?

short group program

If you’ve never launched a group program before, I know it can seem intimidating. But isn’t that always the case when you’re trying something new?
In this post, I’ll address the common questions I get about offering a group program so you can decide if you’re ready to dive in!
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3 Reasons Newer Coaches Should Not Write Their Own Group Program

group program

A lot of coaches want to create their own custom group program from scratch. But creating a custom group program requires a lot of time, resources, and skills that most health coaches don’t have. If you’re debating between creating your own group program or going with a done-for-you option, I have a few reasons why you should consider the latter.
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How to Make Money as a Health Coach by Offering 3 Core Programs

Wondering how you can make more money as a health coach? I’m dishing the whole process from A to Z so you, too, can take your passion full-time.
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The Easier Path to Get More Clients

get more clients

Want the easy button for jumpstarting your practice? In this video, I talk about my experience as new health coach and a strategy you can use to get clients rolling in the door … even if you have limited time to work on your business.
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How to Build Your Skills and Confidence as a Health Coach

Nutrition school prepared you to work with clients…but didn’t necessarily teach you how to get those clients in the door! Luckily, getting clients is a teachable skill. In this post, I’m sharing my guidance around building your skills and confidence, so you can have a thriving business.
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23 Best Online Marketing Tools to Grow Your Health Coaching Business

online marketing tools

As you grow your health coaching practice and your online presence, having the right online marketing tools and services can make a big difference in your success. I know that you didn’t become a health coach so that you could …
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The 8 Most Effective Marketing Strategies For New Health Coaches

effective marketing strategies

Ever ask yourself “what am I doing wrong?” when it comes to marketing your health coaching business? Learn how to discover the effective marketing strategies for YOU.
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How to Avoid Losing Yourself While Creating a Successful Health Coaching Business

creating successful business

I absolutely love my work and being an entrepreneur, but I’ve loved it so much that my business became my life. I lost myself in my business. I don’t want the same to happen to you, so I’m sharing some tips so you don’t lose the other elements of your life that are so important. 
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How to Get MORE Clients with LESS Marketing

more clients less marketing

Wouldn’t it feel great to wake up in the morning and know exactly what you needed to do to bring more clients into your health coaching practice?Wouldn’t it feel even better if that list of to dos wasn’t a mile long? It IS possible to build a thriving health coaching business without burning yourself out. In this video I share how to get MORE clients with LESS marketing.
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11 Experts Give Their Best Advice To
Boost Your Business

boost your business

I reached out to my friends & colleagues and put together the ultimate resource package for you, filled with over $1,700 worth of FREE goodies. To give you a sneak peak of all the tips and amazing business ideas you’re going to get, I’ve asked each of the expert contributors to share their top tip to boost your business.
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