How & Why To Beta Test Your Programs

Do you ever wonder if your programs (private coaching and group programs) are hitting the mark?

Do you want clients to repeatedly sign up for your programs and rave about you to their friends?

When you create programs that deliver EXACTLY what your clients are looking for, you’ll have more repeat customers and be able to build a referral-based business.  And this means you won’t have to work so hard to attract clients.

Today, I want to share how to make this happen by using beta testing.

What is beta testing?

Beta testing is where you pilot a program with a small number of participants with the purpose of getting their feedback, as well as making your own observations, of what should be changed or improved.

Why I love beta testing

I know that when you create a new offering, you put your heart and soul into it. Beta testing helps to insure that your hard work is worthwhile.

When you have people test out your programs, it’s like an insurance policy that your audience will be thrilled with what you put out into the world.

Your beta testers will likely notice things that are difficult for you to see. They might point out something that was confusing, how they would prefer information to be delivered, or something they want more of.

How to go about beta testing

First, you’ll need participants to do the beta testing. If possible, I recommend you hand pick people that you ask to test your offering.  Simply send them a personal email with an invitation.

If you can’t think of specific people to ask, you can send an email to your list or post on social media.

Regardless of which recruitment method you use, make sure that the beta testers fit your ideal client profile. If your ideal clients are women in their 50s and 60s, you don’t want to have a woman in their 30s testing out the program. To make sure they are a good fit, ask them to answer a few questions before accepting them.

When you make the invitation, share that they’ll get access to your program for free (or at a reduced cost), in exchange for giving you feedback on the program.

When it’s time to begin the beta test, you’ll want to start by having the testers read your sales page or any promotional copy – so they know what they’re “signing up for.” Then, give them access to the program just like they would if this was not a test.

Getting feedback from your beta testers

Once they have completed the program, schedule a time to speak with them by phone to get feedback. This will be more powerful than getting feedback via email or a feedback form.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Tell me about your experience with the program.
  • What did you find most helpful?
  • How did this program help you? (Ask them to share any specific results.)
  • What do you think I could do to improve this program?
  • Based on what you read about the program beforehand, did the program meet your expectations?
  • Was there anything you found confusing?
  • What would you share with others who are considering this program?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Take notes, and at the end, ask if you can draft a testimonial based on what they shared.

Aside from receiving feedback on what to tweak, you’ll receive positive feedback from the “testers” about what they loved about the offering and how it helped them. Once you make any necessary changes, you’ll feel more confident about the program, and this will empower you to market the offering and share it with as many people as possible.

And, based on their results and what they found most helpful, you’ll be able to create a more powerful marketing message.  You’ll know what to say when speaking to prospective clients and what to write in your promotional emails and sales page copy.

You’ll also likely walk away with several testimonials you can use in your marketing.

Now I’d love to hear from you.
What questions do you have about beta testing?  And if you’ve ever done a beta test, I’d love to hear about your experience. Post your questions and thoughts below.

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